What happens after I make my purchase online?

You will receive an email directly from us that will contain a bill of sale, disclosure statement and  wiring instructions to our escrow account.

  • Once the wire is pending, you will receive an email of a confirmation receipt for your records

  • Waiting Period:  It takes approximately 3-4 weeks for the deed to be mailed from the State of Alabama.

  • We can't control the velocity but we prepare ourselves for when the deed does arrive.

  • While we wait, you will receive direct contact information for our attorney. Our attorney will be the one who records the deed, then begins working on ejection or negotiation with the current occupier if the property is occupied (We strive to provide you with vacant or non-occupied properties to prevent the ejection/eviction process).

  • If the property is determined to be vacant, our contractor will draft a Scope of Work. This is provided to you for informational purposes only. Please seek and verify your own vendor sources.

  • You will receive our insurance companies contact information so that you may secure coverage on the property. This is done as a courtesy until escrow is completed. We will not confirm that policy until the deed is recorded.

  • Once the deed has arrived, we will record the deed for you and transfer ownership. This is a quitclaim deed. In order to gain full deeded rights, you will need to quiet the title. You can refer to our attorney of record or your own attorney representation, to assist you with the quiet title action.

  • Buy Next Property and Repeat!