What is Nexis Real Estate?

We are a virtual transaction brokerage with a team of highly trained coordinators and licensed brokers whose only purpose is to make your life easier. We are a privately held company which means we have no affiliation with any other similar company. We offer back office support to real estate professionals including: transaction management, social media management, lead generation assistance and training.

What is a Licensed Virtual Broker?

A Licensed Virtual Broker is the person responsible for overseeing the closing process by interacting with all the parties involved in the contract from other realtors, lenders, title companies, etc. as well as making sure all the paperwork has been executed properly and all deadlines are met. Often times, unlicensed coordinators will perform some of the same functions in addition to assistance with all online marketing needs.

Why join Nexis?

At Nexis, our strength is in the value we provide to our agent partners. It is our goal to make the contract to close process as smooth as possible for you and your client. Also as an independent contractor vs an employee, you will have no costs like payroll taxes, insurance, workers comp, benefits or lost time with vacations/sickness. If you are licensed and looking for a brokerage, we can hold your license and perform the same services on a per transaction or monthly fee basis.

Are my files kept confidential?

We do not share your information with anyone without your permission. We have strict confidentiality rules that all of our transaction coordinators and brokers adhere to. In addition, all of our emails and proprietary dashboards are protected by highly rated industry data encryption.

Does my TC have to come to my office?

At Nexis, we have physical hubs in all major cities throughout the US, however we are a virtual company, which means we work almost entirely paperless. There is no need for a physical TC to visit your office, you will have access to one by email, phone or chat throughout the day 7 days a week. Once we have set you up as an agent you will simply upload your contract into our Dotloop Partner Portal and we handle it from there.

What are the office hours?

Our offices are open Monday through Sunday from 8am-5pm EST. However, all agents have 24hr access to their files and documents through our software. In addition, you will have access to after hour chat support, please be aware that there is a 6 hour turnaround time for a response on that service.